Hablemos, escritoras.


Rossy Evelin Lima · Mouthfeel Press · 2015 · 72 pp

Desde Estados Unidos · Poesía

Here I came to know the cold, Lima says in her second book of poetry with the lyrical strength that characterizes her work. From verse to verse, her lyrical strength flows. This melody is nourished by the experienced gained during the rite of passage of crossing the border, and the intense deep rooted nature of the word that gives her a reason to live, a reason to write poetry. --Xanath Caraza, author of Conjuro.

Rossy Evelin Lima writes over a rock with delicate water traces. Her poetry evaporates but only to turn into a cloud and sing like rain. In this manner, the poet gives us to drink that strange liquid time that is the poem, and invites us to accompany her in her journey, a journey of stones rounded by the strength of her spirit. --Javier Tinajero Rodriguez, author of Parpados y Pajaros.

Rossy Evelin Lima's poetry becomes necessary in the context of a greater integration of the supranational communities. Her poetic voice is nurtured by the Flower and Song of the ancient Nahuas, and it's reconciled in this manner with the North American and the Mexican tradition of contemporary poetry. AguacaminoWaterpath is a book called to begin a new line that describes the double unequaled feeling of residence on this earth, here, where we only live once. --Mario Bojorquez, author of Hablar Sombras