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Dining with the Dead - A Day of the Dead Cookbook

Ian McEnroe, Mariana Nuño Ruiz McEnroe · Rio nuevo · 2021 · 384 pp

Desde Estados Unidos

Beautiful, superb, and magical, Dining with the Dead transports us to another world through hundreds of colorful, pristine, and powerful images of altars and offerings from one of the most renowned celebrations and traditions in the world. The wonderful recipes, patiently collected throughout the years, show the pride with which women have passed, from one generation to the next, the secrets of a cuisine . . . that merges the pre-Hispanic and colonial origins of Mexico. Mariana Nuño Ruiz and Ian McEnroe’s book will make you part of this tradition, move you to tears, and urge you to cook for your dead, for your loved ones, and for yourself, and to rejoice in the grandiosity of this unique celebration. —Adriana Pacheco, Hablemos Escritoras Podcast.