Hablemos, escritoras.

Return / El regreso

Tanya Huntington · Literal Publishing · 2009 · 156 pp


In Return, the foundations of the hemispheres that the poet, to date, has chosen to establish as perspectives are being built and, as the title itself indicates, set into motion: here, there is a journey, an implicit voyage, and a proposal, above all, in terms of language and consequently in the tongue itself. English, the idiom in which Tanya inevitably -and honorably- writes, displays its linkages between phonetics, structure, syntax, and worldview. This is the eye, the fixed point, the furtive hunter who moves forward and takes aim at her era, at the reality that surrounds her, from the train she is traveling on. Clearly conjugated within are both the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which is her birthright, and a capacity for observation which is direct and to the point, nearly devoid of self-complacency.